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♥Chi♥ [userpic]
[Oneshot ]Rooftop
by ♥Chi♥ (melodeon_effect)
at March 10th, 2008 (10:49 am)

Author: Chi
Title: Rooftop
Pairing: Shito/Chika
Anime: Zombie Loan
Form: One Shot
Rating: G
Summary: This take place between ep6 and ep7
Warning: Light UST, No spoilers
Written because spacemonkeyku is evil to me~~~ and wouldn't write me a UST ficcy T__T this happened...

Shito found him on the roof of that building looking over the edge. Chika was twirling a obsidian feather between his index finger and thumb of his left hand. It irked him. He looked at the right hand he shared with Chika. "Are you crying?"

"Stupid. Why would I cry?" Chika didn't bother to turn around but he dropped the feather over the side.

"You really are a nuisance," Shito said and stepped out of the doorway. He leaned on the wall and closed the roof door beside him.

"Yea well who asked you."

Shito wasn't sure why this bothered him. Chika's back, it looked so small. Why did he need to care? Why did waking up to an empty bed suddenly disturb him? It ticked him off that he didn't have to think to know where Chika was. "Go back and clean up that mess you left in my room."


Shito moved quickly. What was Chika thinking? He grabbed the boy and spun him around. He pressed his body to Chika's and Chika's back against the roof-ledge. He didn't give himself room to think beyond just registering the feeling. He couldn't. Instead, he concentrated on the thoughts he knew were passing through the other boy.

"Are you wondering what it's like to be reaped. Do you want to experience it too?" He leaned in and hissed. "As long as you have this," He raised Chika's right hand, his very own right hand. "As long as you have this, you aren't going anywhere." He dropped the lank arm and pushed himself away from his partner.

"I know that. You remember it well too," Chika turned back around. Shito look at that small back once more before he walked away. He knew he'd see him later.